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Our Process:
RV Movers Traffic Management System™ crosses organizational boundaries to manage and deploy RV's to any desired destination. This is acomplished without installing any software at your site. This will also provide relief from expensive software support and maintenance costs. The software runs on our servers and will be maintained to support your needs while remaining neutral to all of our customers.

RV Movers's vendor neutral approach to the three different classes of customers (Shippers, Carriers and Consignees) is achieved by enhancing channels of communication among the different types of customers.

RV Movers's solution provides an online system through the internet portal that will reduce the cost and time to implement departmental and enterprise solutions. All that is required is training and setting up an Administrative user for your organization.

RV Movers allows the customer great flexibility in sharing information across the entire spectrum of business or sharing information with your selected customers only.

The RV Movers system also allows:
  • Interactive dispatching - greatly simplifying this time consuming process
  • Automated freight rating for your individual loads
  • On demand downloads to your accounting spread sheet
  • Shipment tracking - converting an annoying process to information immediately available to all concerned      parties.
  • Driver management -- reduced "dead heading" for drivers, ease of sharing drivers between terminals or      carriers, and a call priority list
  • Identifying and acquiring missed business opportunities by knowing immediately which drivers are available and      their location
  • Reducing erroneous dispatches
  • Reduction of time and effort for dispatching and tracking the progress of RV's by reducing the number of      phone calls
  • Managing and tracking driver accountability
  • Driver access to locate prospective loads

  • Shipper Activity:
    The shipper screens are designed to allow shippers to enter and retrieve information about units being prepared for shipment and those already departed until delivery

    Transporter Traffic Management:
    The carrier screens are designed to allow carriers to enter and retrieve information about shipment of their loads and movement arrangements with shippers, dealers, and drivers.

    Driver Management:
    The Carrier screens allow entry and retrieval of driver information related to driver status with individual customers, location, and necessary contact data.

    Consignee Activity:
    The Consignee screens allow flooring notification, delivery acceptance and unit tracking.

    Brokered Traffic Management:
    The broker screens are designed to allow brokers to enter and retrieve information about units ready for shipment and arrange for their delivery.

    Key Benefits "Needs Page"

  • No software installed on your computer
  • Provide Immediate Answers to Customers
  • Improve Support Staff Efficiency
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Reduce Training Costs
  • Maintain Happy and Satisfied Customers
  • Reduce Call and E-mail Volume
  • Minimize Escalation of Issues
  • Increase your Revenue
  • Powerful Insight into your Customers
  • Share and Reuse Information
  • Improve Response Consistency
  • Increase Driver Retention
  • No direct software costs
  • No direct software costs: "Needs Page"

  • Support Center

    Features "Needs Page"

  • View available units from any shipper
  • Manage drivers assignments
  • Manage your own logons
  • View unit progress to delivery
  • View Freight Bill information online
  • Our Invoices to you are online
  • Track movement of your drivers
  • Share drivers with other dispatch centers
  • Track delivery progress
  • Select preferred transporters
  • Select primary shippers
  • Dispatches by drivers
  • Bid for brokered loads
  • Email notification to dealers at pickup
  • New load notification to carriers
  • View available units from any shipper: "Needs Page"

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